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Chic Home for your home.

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About us

CHIC HOME is a state-of-the-art brand designed to help you make your house a place where you can find peace and feel relief, a place that simply feels like home. For us, your house is in the spotlight, as it is the family space and we want it to be beautiful.

We want to make sure that everyone who stays there, feels good and proud of it, and eventually, will want to come back there.

The focus of the brand CHIC HOME is to embellish our customers houses. We have started with the windows since very often it takes just a small change to make a significant difference. And the great power is in the textiles …

Our history

A chance encounter has turned our to be the breakthrough. Seemingly strangers, quickly discovered common passion, what has led to making one of the most important decisions.
That is how our brand was founded.

At first timidly, although with each positive feedback from out customers, we are being inspired and reassured that we cannot waste all of these years, spent following and reading countless journals and blogs on interior design. We want to have some say about it. We want to have some say about it.

CHIC HOME is a company created by people, for whom the passion for interior design has become a lifestyle.

Not really.

Yet, we still love what we are doing.

How we work

Our goal is to combine creativity with convenience. We aim to give our customers exquisite products in line with current trends, bold , unlike others available on the market, but affordable. That way, they can have a transformation of their interiors, while not spending much. Quick change of curtains or making use of cushions, often gives spectacular effects but does not require much effort.

We eagerly follow latest trends. We eagerly follow latest trends. Pantone ® colour chart is a true mine of ideas. I In our CHIC atelier we carefully pick patterns, fabrics, we search for the best suppliers and we pay attention to the smallest details.

In our CHIC atelier we carefully pick patterns, fabrics, we search for the best suppliers and we pay attention to the smallest details. We look forward to releasing new collections because we always think far ahead.

Our mission

Full of chic

The mission of our brand is to share the taste of luxury with our clients because each house deserves to look magnificent, and each customer deserves to live a beautiful life …


We make every effort to ensure our products meet expectations of all of our clients, each with different sense of style and different aesthetics.

However, our rule is to never sell a product we would not buy ourselves.

We want to stand out, be courageous with our choices. We want our clients to have a choice.

Our dream is that with a use of textiles and decorative items, our customers will be able to bring new life and a unique character to their houses.